Porter County Museum | 153 S Franklin Street, Valparaiso, IN

Porter County Museum | 153 S Franklin Street, Valparaiso, IN

Welcome to the Poco Muse

There is always something exciting to learn and experience at the Porter County Museum. The PoCo Muse has a collection of artifacts spanning centuries and has been actively acquiring objects, histories, and stories for more than a century.

Our exhibits and programs highlight Porter County’s rich history, and have much to tell visitors about our community’s past, present, and future. We hope that when you visit, you leave with a better understanding of the unique character of Porter County, along with its diversity, vibrancy, and beauty. We hope that you carry these insights into your personal lives and neighborhoods, continually educating, enriching, and inspiring communities.

Visiting the Museum

The Porter County Museum strives accommodate all visitors, welcoming self-guided visitors and those desiring a group tour. The museum has materials suitable for all age groups, from elementary school students through adults. For more information about group tours or school field trips, click here.