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“Jumping rope”

Judge Edgar D. Crumpacker jumps rope while other members of the Saturday Evening Club cheer him on at a picnic outside of the Oldham House at 415 Madison in Valparaiso, IN. The Saturday Evening Club is “a cultural-fellowship club that flourished in the days of Old Valparaiso University,” founded in 1904 by Dr. Ira Howerth, William Pinney, Professor B. F. Williams, and several other men in the community. The club still meets in the present day and gathers to hear a featured member present a paper, followed by moderated discussion on the topic.

415 Madison in Valparaiso • Circa 1915



Judge Crumpacker (far left) takes a break from Saturday Evening Club activities and sits next to, “Mesdames DeMotte, Williams, Oldham, Diesie, Dickover, Drapier, Cloud, and Crumpacker,” behind the Oldham House.

415 Madison in Valparaiso • Circa 1915