Permanent Exhibitions

We are porter county

Visitors young and old will learn about the transformation of our county from frontier to modern landscape in this interactive and engaging exhibit.

PRehistoric porter county

Boone Grove farmer, Myron Benedict, found a large tooth on his farm in 1909. Learn about the startling discovery he and his son made forty years later in this exhibit.

Making her place

Women's history has largely been a silent story. This exhibit unearths some inspirational stories about how women have shaped Porter County.

Adventures of Broncho John

"Broncho John" Sullivan was a cowboy, performer, politician, caretaker, and storyteller. He donated his collection to the PoCo Muse in 1949 to ensure that future generations would learn the legacy of the American frontier.

World War ii

View the comprehensive World War II collection that commemorates the men and women who served our country and educates visitors of all ages on this important military history.